Xbox 360 emulator

Steps on How to Install Xbox 360 Emulator on PC

Xbox – a gaming console which is very realistic and enjoyable nowadays. The graphic, sound, texture and much more features make the Xbox more entertaining and unique. 

So, are you seeking guidelines to download and play Xbox games? Then, you are in the right place. Any PC ers can relish all the Xbox games by utilizing Xbox Emulator. In this article, you will learn how to install Xbox emulator for PC. 

Best Xbox Emulator for PC

Microsoft designed Xbox console in a way that ers can only play Xbox games with the cabinet only. Discovering a working Xbox emulator is not an easy thing. There were few attempts which failed. Later, developers designed a lot of Xbox 360 emulators that can play definite games with almost a similar game experience.

Here is a list of the best Xbox emulator for Windows PC you should install to enjoy playing the games!

How to Install Xbox 360 Emulator on PC?

PC Requirements

er should have a High-end Desktop or Laptop with current versions of the Windows Operating System. For better performance, you should integrate your PC with minimum 4GB RAM. As well, to run the emulator you need best high-speed processors like AMD with latest versions.?

Here is a step by step guide to install Xbox emulator for PC

  • To install the Xbox emulator on PC, initially, you need to install or integrate with your Windows PC
  • After that, you need to click on the setup Exe files and begin running the file from the download folder of your PC device
  • Then, follow the on-screen instruction and admit the terms and conditions to continue with the installation process
  • Once the installation process has been completed, the launcher icon will be discovered on your PC screen
  • Open the Xbox emulator application from the icon and begin installing vario Xbox games and start playing your favorite games on your PC

So, have you done all the required things listed in the guidelines? If yes, then you can start running the Xbox emulator on PC by clicking on any Xbox 360 games. This will boot right up and you can notice how awesome it works. 


By utilizing the above method, you can simply play Xbox 360 games on your PC for free. The aforementioned method will be very easy for you to install Xbox emulator on PC. Hence, you should try them.


How to easily solve Word Scapes Levels in one go

Wordscape is a unique idea which has merged the crossword type of puzzle and the word guessing game. In case if you are stuck and looking for help, we have jt found a website which has got answers for all the levels of Word Scapes. Jt have a quick look of the website below.

Simply click on any of the categories and you will be getting the right solutions.

Wordscapes is one of the most trending puzzles of 2019, the puzzles are very addictive that people rave about them on social media. Wordscapes developed by People fun, who are known for their quality apps, they put efforts into giving a stunning and pleasing sound puzzle. All levels are given in the order of appearance in the game.

Wordscapes is an addictive game as it combines the best of two worlds. It is a cross puzzle and also a word search game. This game keeps stimulated and energetic by changing different beautiful backgrounds for each level. It looks easy at first and becomes challenging. This is a free app comes with boring ads. You can pay around a few $ for Ad-free version.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzles:

Outside of the 3700 levels, word scapes daily puzzle are the only ones we cannot provide answers. The daily puzzles are randomly generated by the developers, and cannot be easily predicted in advance of their arrival.

Shuffle Hit:

Sometimes a new perspective is all you need. If you are struggling, can hit that shuffle button until you see something that makes the light come on. Though the shuffle button has a tendency to turn the wheel clockwise, have faith and keep hitting it. You will see something different eventually. Even if the word you discover isn’t a real word, it might still lead you to the right one.


If you are looking for fun ways to kill your time, Wordscapes might be the one you are looking for. This word puzzle game with challenging levels will keep your mind awake.

How to install Confluence Kodi skin under 2 minutes

In this guide, we are going to show you how to install confluence skin as many of the ers e it on Kodi 16 and below. So that we have created this guide for the ers to install it and enable it. You can install Confluence on your Kodi easily and in less amount of time.

Confluence Skin for Kodi Player:

Confluence holds the place next, to Aeon skin. Confluence is one of the best Kodi skins that are available for both Kodi Krypton and Jarvis. It is a combination of many popular skins and attempts to embrace their good ideas into a skin that should be easy for new Kodi ers.

Apart from Confluence there are many more Kodi skins. Visit this site to find some of the best kodi skins of 2019. The following are steps to install Confluence Kodi Skin.

Steps to Install Confluence Skin

  • Download the Confluence Kodi Skin from official Kodi website.
  • Start your “Kodi” application.
  • Go to the “Interface” settings, in the system option.
  • By Clicking on the Skin tab, it gives you the option to either Change skins or Installs more skins.
  • Now, we are going to install the confluence skin becae Kodi 17 only gives two skin choose so that we need to get more.
  • Then we get a list of vario skin and find Confluence.
  • Jt click on that and it starts downloading the Confluence Skin.
  • Once all these processes completed you will be promoted with “Would you like to keep this change”.
  • Click on Yes, you will be back to Confluence.

Now you can press the back button when all the above steps are done and now you can enjoy the original confluence skin for free and there will be a few little changes to the layout.


If you have any doubts regarding installation of Confluence skin, please do leave comments below. We’ll definitely make make an update to it.

How To Fix File Too Large For Destination File System Error?

If you are facing “The file size is too large for the destination file system” issue, then this article will help you to solve your problem. This problem occurs due to your file size is larger than 4GB and your external hard drive or B flash drive is in the FAT32 file system. You can check your drive file system. Here we go with the easy solutions to fix the “The file is too large for the destination file system” error with simple steps.

Solution 1: Formatting to NTFS

Formatting is the easiest way to convert the FAT32 to NTFS, but it will erae all the data’s in your drive. We recommend you to take a backup and then follow the steps give below.

Step 1: Right-Click on your B drive or external hard drive which you are going to format.

Step 2: Click on the “Format” option.

Step 3: Change format type to NTFS.

Now you can fix the issue “The file size is too large for the destination file system” and successfully copy a file sized larger than 4GB to your external hard drive or B drive.

Solution 2: Converting to NTfS

If you have any important data on your drive, you might need a better solution without loosing data, ing a third-party software.

Ease Partition Master is a third-party partition software. It allows you to fix “The file size is too large for the destination file system” issue without formatting it.

Step 1: Download and Install the Ease Partition Master on your system.

Step 2: Select the FAT32 partition option and right click on it. Select the convert option to “Convert to NTFS”.

Step 3: Click on the “OK” button on the pop-up dialog box to continue.

Step 4: Click on the “Execute 2 Operation” at the upper left corner and you will see the operation details.

Step 5: Click on the “Apply” and “Finish” when the process gets completed.

Now you can convert your B drive, SD card or any external hard drive from the FAT32 to NTFS format and coy the files larger than 4GB.

Solution 3: Change file system

Step 1: Open the “Run” dialogue box ing the command W”in.key + R”.

Step 2: Type “cmd” in the search box and press the “Enter” key button.

Step 3: In the displayed Command Prompt window, type the following line:

convert drive letter: /fs :  file  system

If you want to convert the Drive F to NTFS file system, then e the following command:

convert F:  /fs:  ntfs

Step 4: Press “Enter” button.

Step 5: Wait for the convert.exe process to get completed.

Final Words:

These are the simple steps, that you can easily and effectively convert the file system of your external drive. If you need to e the external hard drive for Windows and Mac OS at the same time, it is available to format FAT32 to exFAT ing AMOEI partition Assistant. The AMOEI partition Assistant is with the high compatibility and it can be applied on Windows 7/8/10 and vista. If you have any doubts regarding the issues “How to fix file too large for destination file system error?” put it in the comment section.

How to Unblock Someone on Snapchat

If you block someone on Snapchat, it will be temporary or permanent. If you blocked them temporarily then you can easily unblock them so that you can go back to interacting with each other.


Snapchat is a mobile app that can be ed as both a messaging platform and a social network. It can be ed in both the iOS and Android smartphones. It is ed to share photos, videos, text, and drawings with our friends. You can add friends from their phone contact list in addition er can also add friends who are all nearby them. Snapchat allows you to capture a picture with funny filter effects. The filters can be changed based on the events. It also allows you to add animated special effects to your photos and videos.

You can also share your pictures and videos to your Snapchat stories last for 24 hrs and can be viewed by your followers more than once. Now it allows the ers to upload photos and saved snaps from their device album. Memories been created so the ers could show each other their pphto from the app.

How to unblock ?

If you block someone on Snapchat, it hides their account from yours and you can’t simply search for their name to find and unblock them.

Follow the steps given below to access your list of blocked ers.

  • Open your Snapchat mobile app.
  • Click on the er icon at the top left corner of your screen to pull down your snapchat account options.
  • Tap on the gear icon at the top right to access your account settings.
  • Tap on the Blocked menu option, by scrolling down to your Account Actions.
  • The list of ers you have blocked will appear on the next tab.
  • Tap on the X icon that appears to the right of the ername of the person you want to unblock.

They will disappear from your blocked list, once you have unblocked them. After that you can search for their ername to find them again.


And this is how we can unblock someone who have been blocked on your Snapchat profile. If you have any other better ides or queries you can ask it through the comment section given below.

How to Solve Connection Problem or Invalid MMI code Issue?

If you are an Android phone er, then you could have come across a message like “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” on dialing a SD code.

You can see this error when you are about to check your account balance or performing any function designed by your Sim service provider, like adding a voucher to run a SD code. It is a serio problem which can affect your phone resulting in imposing some restriction while sending or receiving text messages, calls, checking account balance and so on.

Solutions to solve the issues:

1. Enter Safe Mode

To enter the safe mode and to find out the problem interfering with the network operation of your phone. Follow the instructions given below to enter the safe mode:

  • Switch off your mobile phone.
  • Hold down the Power Button by keep tapping on the menu button or the left button of the home key.
  • You will be navigated to a safe mode logo at the bottom of the screen.

To check whether the error is solved:

  1. Enter the prefix code you were trying before with the dialer to check it works or not.
  2. If the solution works, then it is been caed an app on your android phone.
  3. Reboot your mobile and remove the recently installed applications.

2. Check Network Settings

Solving this “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code” problem, this method will help to fix this problem.

  • Open the Settings option on your device.
  • Select the Network Connection option.
  • Tap on the Mobile Networks.
  • Search for the Network Operators.
  • Select your prefered Network from the list.
  • Finally it over, restart your mobile phone and check for the problem is solved or not.

3. Restart your Phone Several Times

Open the Network settings on your phone, then hold down the power button and the home button together until your phone turns off. Turn it on back and do this several times.

4. Modify Prefix Code

This is an alternative way to solve your connection problem. You have to jt add a comma(,) at the end of your prefix code. This forces the operation to look for the error and you can also add “+” after your prefix code.


These are simple methods to solve connection problem or invalid MMI code issue, from your mobile phone. If you have any doubts regarding this issues, you can ask them in the comment section.